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Saturday, January 03, 2009

Game of the weeeeeeeeeeeek.....

Hello Everybody!!!

This link has the Game of the week

Analysed by me.

Hope you enjoy it!!

There are few critical positions,

If one would like to discuss these on the blog then please post a comment!

And there are 2 files in the link.

Both open in chessbase... Cbv format and pgn

Pgn may open in any pgn reader

I recommend chessbase for the files..

The trial version to view the game of the week can be downloaded from

Happy new year!!!!

Happy new year to all chess lovers..

May this new year bring you more victories...

I was busy in my tournaments... So Was not able to update... and another reason was I was adviced to concentrate more on my Gurus..

So back to the blog..

As I had many requests to update the blog...
I had to update...

So I thought that let me start this with a new year... celebration

So.. Readers of Chess INDIA Blog...

Whats your new year resolution?

So I am eager to read your comments