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Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I have recieved many answers for this question! Every one has his or her own views about God.There is no exact definition."God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble" (Bible) Some people believe God as a strength inside us, some believe that God is something which humans have created just to get more support.God is something above science.its the positive enegry. I will post some of the answers/ comments here.
God=Parents Parents=Mentors God=Mentors Actually God is the upper prtion of our right hand the lower one being our parents-- was an answer I recieved today!
Next comment -

Those who advocate theism love God
For those who follow theism love becomes God

If our heart was only flesh, it will be destroyed when it's burnt
If our heart is a temple of love, it will overcome death

For those who follow the path of love, there is no end
The depth of your life is nothing but the depth of your heart

Who is God? You are God and I am God
Who is God? Love is God

One of my friend sees nature as God.. Sky, Water, Air etc.. God is ultimate truth!

Another friend of mine states -

God is me. God is us and God is the love between the "me" and "us"!

According to me --
Full form of God! :) = Generator, Organiser and Destroyer
i.e Brahma who creates or generates everything, and when the World is in problem its time for Vishnu to organise things and when the problem increases its time for Maheshwara to perform action.

Different types of answers can be classified as follows:
1.God is Energy, strength inside us
2.God as Nature
5.God= True and eternal identity!

God – Mystery!!

Almighty God!
Oh Generator!
Great Organizer,
Evil Destroyer…
I thank you for your provident care!
I can’t see you,But I know you are there
Oh My Creator and Illustrator
Illuminate the positive
And the World will survive
From Evil and devil!
Oh My owner!
You are the strength and My Trainer..
Oh Lord!
I want to be a winner!
Not a sinner…
Guide my way..
- ----- Niri


Hi friends!! I would like to present a question to you all.

" What is GOD"

Think over it and post comments here. I had many debates, discussions over this question. I came across many views and opinions from all kinds of people. Recently I presented this Q to my friends in facebook and orkut!

I am waiting for the best answer. Best answers will be selected.

After sometime, I will post comments and views about this topic by people all over the world..


"What is GOD?"